Casino Deposit Methods

Prior to gambling online in the United States, you must first fund your account. Therefore, you will want to take some time out to explore the various online casinos that allow US players and then the types of deposit methods they offer.

Since you are essentially trusting these sites with your bank information, you will want to research out only trusted and reputable online casinos with trusted payment processors that accept players from the US. Once you have done this, you will need to decide how you will want to make your deposit. Below are a handful of acceptable choices.

Credit Cards

Although credit cards are usually not accepted for withdrawing your winnings if you are in the United States, making deposits is typically another thing. Today, it remains an effective and quick way to deposit money into your account. American Express tends to be a popular credit card choice for making deposits on online gambling sites since players are usually offered larger deposit limits when using these cards.

Prepaid Cards

For many US players, prepaid cards are a better option for funding your Internet casino accounts since these cards are not tied to their personal bank accounts. There are certain laws put in place stipulating that banks are not allowed to do business certain online casinos. Prepaid cards get around this. You can purchase them in person at a number of different retailers or online. Also, you can use your credit card (or cash) to fund the prepaid cards and then turn around and fund your online casino accounts.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfer services have shown to be successful for some US players for adding funds to their casino accounts. If you stick to the guidelines that are presented to you by the cashier, they are guaranteed to work 100% of the time. There are countless retailers at many locations that offer wire transfer services. Not to mention, US players are able to make deposits on the Internet casinos without leaving any trails.


There are various eWallet options available. The first is eWalletXpress which is an option for US players and rated as the most popular for depositing funds. You are able to withdraw funds from your checking account and transfer them over to your eWallet account. Then you can make your deposit to your casino account through the eWalletXpress banking option.

Another popular choice is MoneyLineWallet which is a newer face in the gambling community. It allows people to make quick deposits and withdrawals and has top notch security. It comes highly recommended as a deposit method from the gambling industry.

Last is MyPayLinq which provides inexpensive fees and delivers a simple game deposit experience. It boasts fast withdrawals, instant deposits and a variety of funding methods.

The casinos that allow US players are all regulated and licensed in other countries so US laws should not have an effect on them. Keep in mind though that not all casinos feel this way or want to deal with the hassles of bringing aboard US members. Therefore, it might take a little research to find the ones who do.

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