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Finding the best online casino is not that easy. Pop quiz: How many gambling sites are on the Internet? If you have a number, you are wrong. The fact is, the online casino industry is very large and constantly changing.

This can present a huge challenge when you decide to choose an online casino out the thousands of sites available. It doesn’t help too that there are many screw-ups that are best avoided. Therefore, you have to be careful to avoid negative experiences.

To do so, you have to note certain important factors and use these factors to sort through the clutter.

How To Find The Best Online Casino


Transparency is a necessity to gain users’ trust. If you stumble on an online casino that does not put in the requisite effort to inform you of key information, at the very least, you should review it closely before signing up.

What you should be looking for are details on when the casino launched, if the casino is licensed, where the casino is licensed (if licensed) amongst other valuable information. The usual location for these information is in the ‘About Us’ page. However, you can find bits on other pages or in the footer section.


It is an absolute no-no to choose an online casino with a sketchy or awful reputation. If a casino screws up with most or a sizeable percentage of their user base, then there’s no reason why you have to risk finding out which side of the river you’re going to end up.

A good way to know aside reading unbiased, objective reviews is to check the online gaming forums. These forums cumulatively have hundreds of thousands of members, so if an online casino is rolling out services and enjoys decent patronage, then someone on the forums would have used them.

Furthermore, you can bet that most people who have less than satisfactory experiences will be vocal about it. Therefore, you should search for the casino that you are researching on the forum, using the forum’s search feature.

In the results page and related threads, pay attention to feedback left by users who have played at the casino. Pay more attention to feedbacks that are more detailed to sieve out possible false reviews left by affiliates (if positive) and competitors (if negative).

However, if there is a majority of negative reviews or specific complaints, then you need not be analytical but overly wary of the online casino in question.


The platform used by an online casino influences gaming experience a great deal. Usability, intuitiveness, appearance, availability of features; are all attributes to consider about a platform when choosing the best online casino.

The best online casino platforms that displace the competition are the Playtech, Microgaming, and Real Time Gaming platforms.

Payment Options

It is all about the money. On the best online casino worth your time, the options available for deposits and withdrawals should be expansive. Aside having plenty of options, you should ensure that getting money in, and most importantly, taking money out is seamless.

You should be mindful, and quite frankly wary, of limits or conditions associated with withdrawals. You can usually access relevant payment information on the “Banking,” “Payments,” or “Payment Options” link/page on the site.

Audited Payout Percentages

The Payout Percentages of a casino are important metrics to pay attention to. They give you an idea of the long-term payouts of the casino to bolster user confidence.

To avoid being misled, you should ascertain that the percentages are audited independently before making a decision based on them.


When looking for the best online casino, you should consider the customer support. Casinos know that players value responsive and fast customer service. One of the fastest way to lose a player is to respond 48 hours later to a time-sensitive complaint.

Therefore, when a casino does not offer varied support channels and/or have non-engaging, ineffective, and practically annoying customer service reps, you can be sure that they do not value their business enough to be of use to you.

Usually, in addition to the standard email support channel, a good casino should also offer Live Chat support and phone lines to call. Availability of a functioning Call Back support feature is also laudable.

Terms and Conditions of Offers

Bonus and promotion offers are nice features to take advantage of. However, you should be cautious not to fall facedown for a mouth-watering offer that’s actually a bad deal.

You have to find the related terms and conditions of the offer to educate yourself thoroughly, so that you can gauge the pros and cons of the offer. It is ominous (a red flag) if a casino fails to provide this information.

In A Nutshell

To be exact, our top 7 list is by no means exhaustive. However, it covers the basics of what to look out for before you commit your hard-earned money to any online casino.

You may also have your own subjective factors such as the user interface of the website (we actually recommend you having your own quality checkboxes), which will help you find a casino that is a great fit for you.

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